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FocusVision Knowledge Base

Introduction to the Portal


The Project Page

You can click the name of any project to view its project page:


The project page displays project performance stats, including key data from the Field Report and campaign information. Additionally, it allows you access to the project's user and group controls, as well as any shared files or saved reports.

Learn more:  The Project Page

Powerful Searching


Using the powerful search capabilities, you can find your projects based on project name, descriptions, tags, users and even search for specific contents, like a file name or even question text.

Click the caret to see advanced search options.

Learn more:  Search Capabilities

Saved Views


The Decipher Portal helps you find the projects you need as quickly as possible. Pre-configured views and saved searches make that easier than ever before.

Click on the saved views menu to see all of the view options. You can switch to these at any time. If you find an interesting view using searching or sorting, you can then save it to this menu to recall that view on demand.

Learn more:  Saved Searches

Multiple Project Layouts


There are two options for displaying your projects:

dec_intro_research_hub_005.png  List View:  Allows you to see many projects on the screen at once.

dec_intro_research_hub_006.png  Grid View:  Allows you to see some of the interesting project data.

List View
Grid View

System Tools


dec_intro_research_hub_010.png  Help:  Find out more about using our software via the video library or knowledge base.

dec_intro_research_hub_011.png  Notifications:  The bell icon will light up to let you know when there's new system updates or release news.

dec_intro_research_hub_012.png  User Account:  Add your picture or access your account information by clicking on the user icon.

User Permission Levels

The permissions presets makes managing permission levels easy, allowing you to quickly assign an access level, however you can still refine the permission for each category. Permissions can be set by supervisors of a company.

Permissions Presets

See the "Permissions Options" below for descriptions of each access level setting.

  Full Access Edit Access View Only Vendor Only View Only w/Data
Survey Build Edit View View View
Reporting Edit Edit View None View
Data Edit Download None None Download
Field Report Edit Edit View View View
Campaign Manager Build None None None None
Dashboards Build View View None View
Admin Full Full None None None

Permissions Options

  • Survey:
    • Build:  Create and edit surveys in the survey builder
    • Edit:  Edit surveys in the survey testing application
    • View:  Test surveys (but without the testing tools)
    • None:  No survey access
  • Reporting / Crosstabs:
    • Edit:  Create and edit reports in Crosstabs
    • View:  Run crosstabs reports
    • None:  No crosstabs access
  • Data:
    • Edit:  Modify data using the "Edit Data" tool
    • Download:  Download data
    • None:  No data access
  • Field Report:
    • Edit:  Edit quotas
    • View:  View all tabs in the field report
    • None:  No field report access
  • Campaign Manager:
    • Build:  Create and manage email campaigns
    • None:  No campaign manager access
  • Research Dashboards:
    • Build:  Create and edit research dashboards
    • View:  View private research dashboards
    • None:  No dashboard access
  • Admin:
    • Full:  Add/Remove existing users to projects. Only supervisors can create new users. The permissions granted to others cannot exceed your existing permissions for the project.
    • None:  No adding/removing user permissions