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The Project Page


The Project Overview page is the primary workspace for your Decipher project. It provides access to all of your project's tools and resources, and offers a detailed view of the project itself.


Viewing the Project Page

You can click the name of any project in the Portal to access its project page. The following sections detail each of the options available on the project page.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu at the top of the project page allows you to navigate between each of your project's resource pages as you work. The navigation menu displays the selected project's name, as well as the following tools and features.


  • Portal:  Return to your company Portal.

  • BUILD:  Access your project creation options. Click each option below to learn more about it.

  • PREVIEW:  Access your project testing options. Click each option below to learn more about it.

  • RESPONSES:  Access your project fielding options. Click each option below to learn more about it.

  • REPORT:  Access your project reporting options. Click each option below to learn more about it.

    • Crosstabs:  View and run survey crosstabs reports.

    • Data Downloads

      • Excel:  Download raw survey data in Excel.

      • SPSS:  Download raw survey data in SPSS.

      • Other Data Formats:  View and download survey data in a variety of formats.

    • More Tools

  • Help:  Access your survey support resources.

    • Knowledge Base:  View all help resources and product documentation.

    • Help Desk:  Contact the Decipher help desk for hands-on support.

    • Training Videos:  View Decipher training videos and sign up for upcoming webinars.

    • Getting Started Video:  Watch the Decipher Getting Started video for a quick refresher on survey tools and features.

Project Actions

The project actions banner sits just below the navigation bar. From here, you can add the survey to or remove it from your favorites list, as well as perform a variety of other administrative actions.


  • Add to Favorites:  Click the star to add or remove the survey from your favorites list.

  • Actions:  Access the administrative actions for your survey. Click each option below to learn more about it.

    • Launch / Relaunch / Close Survey:  Launch or relaunch the survey to begin fielding or close the survey to stop fielding.

    • Rename Survey:  Change the survey name as it appears in both the portal and the project page.

    • Duplicate Survey:  Create a copy of the survey. When creating a duplicate survey, you can choose to copy the data as well as whether to share the project with the same users and groups.

    • Export Survey:  Download the survey in PDF, Word, HTML, or ODT format.

    • Archive / Unarchive Survey:  Archive or unarchive the survey. You can archive a survey to hide it from your project list in the Portal.

    • Subscribe / Unsubscribe:  Subscribe to or unsubscribe from the survey. You can subscribe to a survey to receive email notifications about future errors or changes made to it.

    • Run Simulated Data:  Configure and run survey test simulations.

    • Delete Survey:  Delete the survey.

Note: Once a project has been launched, it cannot be deleted from the project overview page.

Performance Metrics

Your project's performance metrics display on the left side of the project page. Metrics listed here include field performance statistics, data types, languages, and sample sources.


  • Performance Stats:  Displays key data from the field report. Switch between all respondents, or view by individual language or sample source.

    • Chart:  Displays the data collected over time.

    • Total:  The total number of completes, including terminates, completes and over-quotas.

    • Qualified:  The number of qualified completes.

    • Today:  The number of respondents who completed the survey today.

    • Questions:  The number of questions in the survey.

    • Completion Time:  The average completion time.

  • Field Data:  These pie charts display the qualification, incidence and drop-out rates. Mouse-over a chart to view exact numbers.

  • Languages:  Allows you to view the languages applied to the survey. Click any language to view the corresponding metrics.

  • Sample Sources:  Allows you to view the sample sources used in the survey. Click any sample source to view the corresponding metrics.

Shared Documents

Any documents, images, videos, email lists or files you've shared. You can upload your questionnaire documents or even the finished report.


To upload a new file, either drag it into the box or click "Add Shared Documents" and locate the file on your device. Then click "Upload".

Note: You can delete files at any time by clicking the 'x' next to them in the Shared Documents tab.

Users / User Groups

Users and groups who have access to the project are listed here, along with their permission level.


You can do any of the following in the Users tab:

  • Search for a user/group given access to the project

  • Add an existing user or group and set their permission level for the project

  • Set the user's expiration date for the project

  • Delete users/groups from the project

  • Sort the list by user name


Quickly access your project's email campaigns.


Click "Add Campaign" to create a new campaign in the campaign manager, or click "Campaign Manager" to open the campaign manager. You can also use the search bar to search for campaigns within the project


Lists any saved crosstabs, saved reports, and saved dashboards.


You can click "Crosstabs" to open the Crosstabs reporting application or click the name of any report to open it. You can also use the search bar to search for saved reports within the project.


The description helps you remember what the project was all about and also aids in identifying a project in a search.


Edit the project description by clicking on the edit icon at the top right. Once edits are complete, select the save icon or the 'x' to close without saving.


Tags are used for organization and for improved search within the portal.


Add or remove tags for the project by typing them into the box.

Learn more: Tagging Projects

Project Type Considerations

Depending on the project type, a survey's project page can include all or just some of the above information. The following sections outline what is included for each available project type.

Campaigns Only Project

Campaigns Only projects use only the Campaign Manager and do not display any fielding statistics. The project page for Campaigns Only projects includes only the 'Shared Documents', 'Users', and 'Campaigns' tabs, along with the project description and tags boxes.

SPSS Import Project

The project page for projects imported via SPSS files displays the same fielding statistics as for regular projects, if available. It also includes the 'Shared Documents', 'Users', and 'Reports' tabs, along with the project description and tags boxes.

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