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Project Actions


The Project Actions menu gives you access to all of the building, testing, distributing, and fielding options for your project.

Accessing Project Actions

To access the Project Actions menu for a particular project, click the "..." button under "Actions" for that project:


Navigating Project Actions

The following sections outline each of the options available within the Project Actions menu.

Note: Some of the options listed below may not be available for a project based on the project's individual settings.



Access Requirement

Preview Survey

Opens the survey in a new window for testing. You may choose to view the survey in respondent view or show the testing toolbar.

Survey: View

Launch / Relaunch Survey

Allows you to launch or relaunch a survey once it has been finalized and is ready to gather data from respondents.


Please do not launch a survey unless it's been previously discussed with your account team.

Survey: Edit

Close Survey

Opens a window allowing you to close a survey.

Survey: Edit

& Admin: Full

Rename Survey

Allows you to change the name of your project in the portal only.

Survey: Edit

Duplicate Survey

Allows you to create a duplicate version of your survey.

Survey: Build & Project Creator or Supervisor

Export Survey

Allows you to download the survey in PDF, Word, Text, HTML or OpenOffice ODT format.

Report: View

& Data: Download

Archive Survey

Keep your portal clean and easy to navigate by essentially hiding projects you deem old or no longer active. When you archive a project, it is only done in your view and will not affect the view for any other users.

Survey: Edit

Delete Survey

Allows you to delete a project. Please note that this is only available before the project has been launched.

Survey: Build

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