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Reset a Lost Password

1:  Login Page

Our research hub gives you the ability to reset a lost or forgotten password so you can re-enter the system and access your projects.

First, when attempting to log in to the research hub, click on the "Forgot your password?" link towards the bottom of the screen.

Click on the "Forgot your password?" link towards the bottom of the screen.

Enter the email address you set up to access the research hub and click "Send Password."

Now, open your email and check your inbox for an email from It could take a few minutes for the email to arrive. Click on the link within the body of the email to reset your password.

The link will take you to a screen where you can reset your password for the research hub.

After resetting and confirming your new password, you will be automatically directed to the home page of your research hub.

2:  Supervisors in the User Interface

Select the link to your company page located under the company name.

A list of existing users will appear. Click on the user’s email address to open the Edit User window.

In the Edit User window click Reset Password.


An email is sent to the user to reset their password.

3:  Via Command Line

  Requires Decipher Cloud

The script can be used to generate password reset links for an arbitrary number of Research Hub email addresses.

Similar to clicking "Forgot your password?" at the main login screen, this script generates password reset URLs that can be used to create a new password for a given email address.

Note: The temporary password reset link expires after one hour of its creation.


The syntax for the script is below:


For example:


The command above will generate the following results:

The owners of these email addresses can use the generated URLs to access the following page where they can create a new password.

4:  Via the umanage Script

  Requires Decipher Cloud

You can reset the password of a SSH/shell user account via the following umanage script.

umanage password user

Where "user" is the shell username.

This will not reset user's portal password. 

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