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Editing a User Profile


This document explains how to view and edit your user profile in the Decipher portal.

Accessing Your Profile Options

To access your user profile, log into the portal and click the user icon or your email at the top right of the screen. Then select "Edit Profile":


Viewing and Editing Your Profile

The "Update Personal Information and Password" window will appear, where you can view and edit your user settings: 


  • Full Name:  Your user name as it will appear in the portal.
  • Email:  Your email address, as entered by the supervisor. This field can not be changed. 
  • Photo (optional):  Your user photo. Click "Choose file" to upload a new photo.
  • Language (optional):  The language for the Decipher application, which defaults to English. Click into the box to select another language from the drop-down.
  • Password:  Your account password. Click to change your password at any time. 

Note: Password strength requirements are set at the company level. Click here to learn more about managing your company's security settings.

Once you are satisfied with any changes, click "Save Changes" to apply them and close the profile window.

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