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Decipher M41 Release Notes

Release Date: October 16, 2018

Release Version: 141

New survey compat level is 141. Use compat="141" for all new surveys. This enables use of the Date Picker dynamic question.

New Features

Date Picker Dynamic Question

  • The new Date Picker element allows respondents to easily enter important dates directly from a survey. The element is available in the Survey Elements Menu and  features a calendar type user interface with built-in date range and format validation.

Learn More:  Date Picker Element


  • The new daterange text verifier is available for text questions. The daterange verifier allows you to set the format and acceptable range for any dates entered by respondents.  

Learn More:  Data Verifiers

Survey Editor

  • You can now enforce a specific format for dates entered within text questions. The following date format verifiers are now available from the question Options menu in the Survey Editor:

    • Date: MM/DD/YYYY
    • Date: DD/MM/YYYY
    • Date: YYYY/MM/DD  
  • Once a date format is selected, you can then also select an acceptable date range for your question using the new "Date Range" (range start) and "To" (range end) attributes.

Learn More:  Text Question

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue when using Crosstabs' text search for empty values.


Navigation Menu

  • Fixed an issue which prevented users from using the navigation menu to return to Crosstabs from Saved Reports pages.

Programming & Tools

  • commaify:  Fixed an issue which cause commas to not be added.

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