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Decipher 140.1 Release Notes

Release Date: October 2, 2018

Release Version: 140.1

New Features

Portal Layout and Project Overview Redesign

  • Updated the Portal layout to include only two views: the default company page and the project overview page.

  • Removed the Project Controls menu and moved all options to the Actions and navigation bar menus.

  • Added the following options to the "Actions" menu per survey: preview, launch, close, rename, duplicate, export, archive, and delete.

  • Added buttons for direct access to survey tools:

    • Build:  Redirects to the Survey Editor

    • Responses:  Redirects to the Response Summary page

    • Report:  Redirects to Crosstabs

  • Added the ability for new users to create an example survey, with sample elements and respondent data.

  • Added the ability to subscribe to a survey from the project overview page.

  • Added the ability to add a survey to your favorites list from the project overview page.

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Survey Editor

  • Adjusted grouping and categorization within the Survey Elements Menu. Questions and elements now appear within the following categories by default:

    • Favorites

    • Question types

    • Advanced elements

    • Logic / structural elements

    • Custom elements

    • Library

    • Panel datapoints

  • Centralized element creation and page break actions in the survey staging area.

Learn More:  About the Library, Adding Questions from the Library, Adding a Question or Element

Launch Survey

  • Added the ability to launch and relaunch projects directly from both the Survey Editor and XML Editor.

Learn More:  Overview of the Building Workspace, Editing XML



  • Landing Page

    • Updated the landing page to include a "Total Qualified" crosstab by default. This replaces the "Run Total" button on the Crosstabs landing page.

  • Table Editor

    • Added the ability to include a custom base description for report tables.

    • Added the ability to suppress table rows when they do not meet a specific threshold. Hidden rows can be included or excluded from base calculations.

    • Added the ability to use dynamic sorting based on row text or frequency.  Once setup, sorting is applied each time a crosstab is run. Table rows and nets can be locked from sorting.

    • Added a new option to reset the table to its default settings.

    • Added the ability to include a "Sum Answer" table that shows the sum of responses rather than the count of respondents.Users can also add a "Mean Answer" table that shows the mean of responses.

    • Updated summary tables to display an average percent row.

  • Rim Weighting

    • Increased the default number of iterations run by the system from 10 to 50.

    • Added a warning message that displays when convergence is not met.

Learn More:  Crosstabs Overview, Crosstabs Entry Page, Running a Total Crosstab, Editing Tables in Crosstabs, RIM Weighting, Advanced RIM Weighting


  • Added the ability to sort tables based on row and net text. Table rows or nets can be locked from sorting using the sort=0 attribute.

Learn More:  Creating and Customizing Dashboard Tables


  • Added the ability to download survey data to SPSS (16 with OE) and Excel (2007) directly from the navigation menu.

Learn More:  Data Downloads and Formatting Options, How do I download all my data?

In-App Text Changes

  • Portal
    • "New Project" button renamed to "New Survey"

      • "Project Info" in the New Survey menu renamed to "Survey Options"

    • "TESTING" survey state renamed to "DRAFT"

    • "Projects" select-all checkbox renamed to "Surveys"

    • "All Projects" option in the View options menu renamed to "All Surveys"

    • "Recent Projects" option in the View options menu renamed to "Recent Surveys"

    • "Active Projects" option in the View options menu renamed to "Active Surveys"

    • "All Projects" menu renamed to "All Surveys"

    • "Type" table header renamed to "State"

    • "Distribute" option in the Launch Survey menu renamed to "Get Responses"

  • Project Overview
    • “Add to Project” user option renamed to “Add User(s)"

    • "Distribute" option in the Launch Survey menu renamed to "Get Responses"

  • Navigation Menu
    • "Project Overview" renamed to "Overview"

    • The survey "State" of "TESTING" renamed to "DRAFT"

    • "Test Survey" under "Test" Category renamed to "Preview"

    • "Run Test Data" under "Test" Category renamed to "Run Simulated Data"

    • "Distribute" Category renamed to "Responses"

    • "Project Summary" under "Responses" (previously "Distribute") renamed to "Survey Summary"

    • "Field Report" under "Responses" (previously "Distribute") renamed to "Responses Summary"

  • Survey Editor

    • The "Structural" category in the Survey Elements Menu renamed to "Structural Elements"

    • The "Standard" Question Type in the Survey Elements Menu renamed to "Single and Multi Select"

    • The "Rating Specific" Question Type in the Survey Elements Menu renamed to "Rate, Rank, and Sort"

    • The "Open-Ends" Question Type in the Survey Elements Menu renamed to "Open End"

    • The "Multimedia" Question Type in the Survey Elements Menu renamed to "Stimulus"

  • Crosstabs

    • "The "Build Crosstab" button renamed to "New Crosstab"

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an error where users marked _NO_SUBMIT were being included in the vstatus question.


  • Fixed an issue preventing users from saving an advanced weighting scheme after their initial save.


  • Fixed an issue with the alwaysSaveData attribute directly accessing the database without reopening it.

XML Editor

  • Fixed an issue where edits made in the XML Editor were being shown in the survey.log file and user audit log with the raw actions / scripts and the action performed (noted as "staging xml").

Kinesis Integration

  • Increased the timeout period for the Kinesis registration logic node.

  • Fixed an issue with running test data on registration surveys with open-ended data points.

CAPI App 3.1

  • Fixed an issue where uploading an image without a default image editor would cause the app to crash.

  • Fixed an issue where the extra variable interviewerId was not accessible on the first entry of the survey page.

  • Fixed an issue with survey vector logic (e.g., "q1.any", "q1.but", etc.) not evaluating correctly.


  • Fixed a permission issue with retrieving user groups.

Programming & Tools


  • Fixed an error that was occurring when using the sample source API on a survey with a compat greater than 138.

  • Updated the the process for uploading the survey.xml file to require edit (builder) product access as well as survey:edit permission for the project.

Logic Nodes

  • Fixed an issue with logic node data sends failing periodically.

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