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August 21st Technical Release Notes

Release Date: August 21, 2018

Release Version: 139.4

New Features

CINT Panel Integration

  • Added a new custom code element for retrieving and updating CINT panelist data directly from a Decipher survey.

Compacting Data

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue where stat testing would run for aggregate / grid tables with more than 26 segments

  • Fixed an issue where adding nets with open-ended starting values (i.e., -100) would disable table editing

  • Fixed an issue with RIM Weighting where the Root Mean Square was miscalculated when a segment was equal to zero


Survey Editor

  • Fixed an issue where Single-Select Button Grid questions without columns were not editable

  • Fixed an issue where the Survey Editor would freeze when uploading an XLS (.xls) file

  • Fixed an issue where the Survey Editor would not save row answer text

  • Fixed an issue where some conditional logic added to custom support links was causing project settings to become inaccessible

  • Fixed an issue where tabbing through the input fields for Multi-Select Button Grid questions would cause the text input to disappear

  • Fixed an issue where the Conditions drop-down menu would close when using the Answer Piping tool

Programming & Tools

  • Fixed an issue where autorecover would hang when processing recover requests

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