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August 7th Technical Release Notes

Release Date: August 7, 2018

Release Version: 139.3

New Features


  • Updated the process for creating and editing tables from banners:

    • Creating tables now uses the Data Sources API instead of adding a virtual question to the survey's append.xml file.

    • Editing banner tables is possible using the new "Edit Logic" function.

    • Requires report:edit permission.


  • Updated syncing to allow quota limit changes made in the Field Report or via the Quota Limit API to be automatically synced with the project in Fulcrum.

    • Syncing errors will be added as entries to the survey's survey.log file.

    • Limitations:

      • Does not apply to edits made within a LIVE survey (temp-edit-live).

      • Does not update if edits are made directly within the quota.xls file in the shell.

      • Does not support the quota locking feature in the Field Report.

  • [KB: Syncing with Fulcrum, Fulcrum Quota Element]

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue where tables were being saved to the Library with filters applied

  • Fixed an issue where users with report:edit permission could not create custom tables


  • Fixed an issue with the Rich Text Editor missing buttons for adding numbered and bulleted lists

  • Fixed an issue where text entered in comment fields was being cut off

  • Fixed an issue with pasting text inside answer fields

Kinesis Integration

  • Fixed an issue where unicode characters in Kinesis error messages (language files) caused a fatal error when displayed in registration surveys


  • Fixed an issue where images uploaded via the Image Upload element were given an incorrectly formatted file extension

Programming & Tools


  • Fixed an issue with the Data Feed API not applying the "start" parameter when set

Logic Nodes

  • Fixed an issue where "integer" type variables were converted to "string" type variables when their default values were changed

Misc / Custom Projects

  • The Sample Source Analysis tool is now available from the system reports page (the /admin folder on every server) for staff users under “sample_sources

    • This tool can be used to estimate sample provider efficiency across the server, and provides the following information:

      • Data for all launched surveys (excluding those launched by FV staff)

      • Individual survey data split by complete (defined here as qualified + overquota) and click-through respondents

      • The domain of the qualified exit link for each survey

Note: Load time will be 1-2 minutes on systems with many past respondents (e.g., v2).

  • Staff Reports: Added the ability to track usage of survey attributes, Dynamic Questions, Dynamic Question attributes, logic nodes, and XML styles

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