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February 6th General Release Notes

This document contains the general release notes for Decipher's February 6th release.

Release Date: February 6, 2018

Highlights of February 6th Release

  • New Features

    • Crosstabs: Table Settings in Library

      • Add default nets and stats to saved elements.

      • Reuse table settings for the same elements across multiple surveys.

    • Data Redaction

      • Hide respondent information and open-ended responses based on flags in the survey data.

      • Set permissions for viewing sensitive data based on user account.

      • Control the flow of information by user type without affecting report counts.

New Features

Crosstabs: Table Settings in Library

Gone are the days of re-adding table settings question by question, survey by survey. You can now attach custom table settings to elements saved in the element library so that they are automatically added to new surveys along with the elements themselves.

As with other survey elements, table settings for library elements can be edited at any time using the Crosstabs Table Editor:

dec_edittables_001 (1).png

So get out there and start editing your tables without fear! They will go with your element, wherever it may travel.

Learn More: Table Settings in the Question Library

Data Redaction

Looking for more control over what data your clients and vendors see? With data redaction, you can now hide respondent records and open-end responses based on flags in the survey data.

Data redaction is added at the user level and it affects Crosstabs, data downloads, and the View/Edit Responses report, as well as dashboards, meaning that you can decide which users see redacted reports and which users don't. Redaction does not affect the counts in the Portal or Field Report, either, so you don't have to worry about vendors losing access to field stats -- their reporting can go on uninterrupted, and you can relax knowing that your sensitive data is safe.

Learn More: Redacting Data

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