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February 6th Technical Release Notes

This document contains the technical release notes for Decipher's February 6th release.

Release Date: February 6, 2018    

New Features

Crosstabs: Table Settings in Library

Data Redaction

  • Hide respondent information and open-ended responses based on flags in the survey data.

  • Set permissions for viewing sensitive data based on user account.

  • Control the flow of information by user type without affecting report counts.

  • [KB: Redacting Data]


  • Company Settings - Application Access: Use of Report 2010 can be enabled per company. New companies will have Report 2010 disabled. Existing companies will automatically have Report 2010 access enabled.

Application access requires staff access to set.  Staff users are not affected by this application access toggle.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a rare issue where virtual question updates while running report would not complete for auto-recovering surveys


  • Fixed an issue where exporting PPT from Crosstabs in projects with long row text caused a fatal
  • Fixed a rare issue where saving table edits for multi-dimensional questions with grid tables and nets would not load


  • Fixed an issue with Dashboard PPT exports having incorrect precision and showing percentage symbols

  • Fixed an issue where the "Getting Started" video was not displaying

Responses Report

  • Fixed issue where in-progress respondents filtering did not account for PII levels

Data Downloads

  • Fixed an issue in SAS export where LRECL in custom layouts was defaulting to the value of the standard layout when the custom layout had more variables than standard layout


  • Fixed an issue where protected images would not show inside a survey

Dynamic Questions

  • Fixed an issue with Video Player where Brightcove would time out

  • Fixed an issue where uploading HEIC images caused various errors


Release of version 2.4 includes:

  • Added a new warning that shows you need to be online to first download a survey

  • Added a new warning that your survey has errors and can not be taken

  • Fixed an issue where all questions inside a randomized block would not be shown

  • Fixed an issue with using the camera with the Image Upload DQ

  • Fixed an issue with using the camera to take a video with the Video Capture DQ


  • Fixed a rare issue where project data would not display on a project when using grid view until accessed by reporting

Programming & Tools

Custom Code Elements

  • Fixed an error in Relevant ID

  • Fixed a typo in Virtual Incentives

Misc / Custom Projects

  • Updated Powerpoint exports look and feel

  • Updated FocusVision and Decipher logos

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