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January 23rd Technical Release Notes

This document contains the technical release notes for Decipher's January 2018 release.

Release Date: January 23, 2018    

New Features

Custom Code Elements

Imperium RelevantID Integration

Browser and System Support




Responses Report


Survey Editor

  • Set new project defaults for devices to be Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone (excludes featurephone).

Respondent View

  • Added new survey languages: assamese, bengali, marathi.

  • Updated translations for survey language: tamil.

Dynamic Questions

  • The new video player (videoplayer.1) is now available in survey compats 114+.

Campaign Manager

  • Added the ability to upload a shared recipient list via API.

Programming & Tools


  • Added the ability to create and override nets and toggle nesting nets.

Logic Nodes


  • A new hook allows for adding custom data downloads.

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue with exports not matching when sorting with nets

  • Fixed tooltip text for "Create Custom Table"

Responses Report

  • Fixed an issue where custom filters were not included when projects were duplicated

  • Warnings are now shown when trying to upload the same filename in the import data feature


Survey Editor

  • Fixed an issue where a LIVE edit with a CAPI sample source was not displaying text in the LIVE warning message

  • Fixed an issue where project could not be loaded in builder when using a non integer for the default sample source

  • Fixed an issue where having an Alert element could cause the survey to be stuck in a loop and use excessive resources

Respondent View

  • Fixed an issue where block order customization wasn't preserved when using the survey back button

  • Fixed an issue where hybrid/merged questions were not re-populated when using the survey back button

  • Fixed issues where using the survey back button would not return to the last question shown to the respondent when using noanswers or blocks

  • Fixed an issue when using loadData where restoring data would only populate the first noanswer checkbox

Dynamic Questions

  • Updated legacy flash player versions of bcvideo/bcme to use newest HTML5 players automatically.

  • Updated Image Upload to support HEIC format images

Logic Nodes

  • relevantid.1:  Fixed an issue where if unable to contact Imperium, the continue button in the survey would not enable

Kinesis Integration

  • Fixed issue where existing panelist would see an error when completing a registration survey

  • Fixed an issue with projects could only be launched in portal and survey editor


  • Fixed issue with downloading call history


  • Released version 2.2 with the following updates:

    • Added interviewerID to the interviewer export file in the offline field report.

    • Removed the "Remember Me" option from the login page.

    • Login automatically respects companies' inactivity setting.

    • Project with datasource tags can now be launched from Portal and Builder.

    • Fixed an issue in 'Practice Mode' that sometimes made the survey unresponsive.

    • Fixed an issue where interviewers would sometimes retain the cached session from a previously logged in interviewer.

    • Guardrails added when attempting to use reserved system labels in survey.

    • Using loops in the CAPI App no longer fatals when randomize is set with no eligible looprows.

    • Corrected Android support to 6+ in Google Play store

    • Fixed vInterviewers reporting question not displaying

  • Fixed an issue loading surveys with language overrides via /lang

  • Release version 2.3 with the following updates:

    • Fixed an issue with images not loading

    • Fixed an issue where not having decLang caused errors  

    • Fixed an issue where rowConds could not work on 2d questions

    • Fixed an issue when rows are hidden you could not continue

    • Fixed an issue when pressing the browser back button would cause errors


  • New User Email: Fix "Set my Password" button in outlook and styling updates

  • Fixed an issue where copying large projects could cause the portal to be unresponsive

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a project from a subdirectory could sometimes display an error when loading the portal

  • Fixed an issue when using list view would not show all projects when the list of projected required scrolling

Usage Statistics

  • Fixed an issue with some new video counts being inaccurate. Updating past counts requires a manual update by running the following:

here maint/brightcove-collect-views <MM/DD/YYYY>

Programming & Tools


  • Fixed issue that would take async logic nodes used in large/complex surveys an unreasonable amount of time to "setup" (fork)

Misc / Custom Projects

  • Updated the location of the file referenced in scripts/ to allow all shell users access


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