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April 17th General Release Notes

Release Date: April 17, 2018

Highlights of April 17th Release


  • New Features

    • Survey Editor

      • Change the type or style of a question directly from the question in the Survey Editor.

    • Reporting

      • Use sum summary percentages for volumetric reporting.

New Features

Survey Editor

The Survey Editor has been updated to allow for easier switching between alternative question types and styles when you need to change how a question is displayed. Additionally, most content and styles already applied to the question will be preserved, so there's no need to worry about redoing long answer lists or response options.

Start switching your questions now using the new menu in the Survey Editor:


Learn More:  Changing Question Types and Styles


Crosstabs "sum" summary tables have been updated to include the percentage that each row contributes to the question's sum, allowing for easier volumetric reporting.

You can find these percentages in summary tables within both Crosstabs and report exports.

Learn More:  Adding Sum Summary Tables

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