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June 12th Technical Release Notes

Release Date: June 12, 2018

New Features

GDPR Compliance

  • Unsent & unedited email lists will now be removed after 30 days

  • All temp directories will now be removed after 21 days

  • Archived projects will now be removed after 12 months (cloud servers only)

  • [KB: Data Retention]

API: Survey List Updates

  • Added a new property for managing respondent data

    • dateLaunched  : The date the survey was set live

  • Added three new properties for managing survey access history

    • createdOn :  A timestamp of when the survey was created

    • lastQuotaEdit :  Null or a timestamp of when the quota.xls file was last modified

    • lastSurveyEdit :  A timestamp of when the survey.xml file was last modified

Responses Report

  • Quota markers are now displayed with the value shown for them in the Field Report instead of the raw code

  • Filtering by "Variable" for an open-end response now searches for substrings automatically (without the use of a wildcard [*])

  • Users can now add and remove markers in the mass edit separately without the +/- syntax

  • Adding open-ends to the column layout can now be completed with one click using the "Open Ends" link

  • [KB: View/Edit Responses Report]

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed an issue where individual table exports would not respect Crosstabs' sorted row order

Alert Center

  • Fixed an issue where the alert center would load with JS errors


Survey Editor

  • Fixed an issue where all looprows after the tenth looprow would be labeled incorrectly

  • Fixed page breaks in tree styling

  • Fixed an issue where the editor would not load a project if the pipeMultiple attribute was added to a checkbox question

  • Fixed an issue where custom code element titles were not saving

Respondent View

  • Fixed an issue where the browser back button would not work on Safari using iOS.

Note: This only fixes going back one page. The survey back button is recommended over the browser back button.


  • Fixed an issue where the permissions report wouldn't load for some users

Programming & Tools

  • Fixed an issue with umanage not correctly setting restricted access permissions
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