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March 20th General Release Notes

Release Date: March 20, 2018

Highlights of March 20th Release


  • New Features

    • Dashboard

      • Add ACL's to dashboard filters and filter groups.

    • Survey

      • Use the JSON loads() function in SECURE surveys.

      • Use uuid as ourKey within survey datasources.

New Features

Dashboard Access Levels

Looking to restrict viewing access for your dashboard filters? You can now enjoy the same permission control for filters and filter groups that you have for pages, tables, and charts.

Set user access levels for dashboard filters and filter groups using dashboard access control lists (ACL's).

Learn More: Dashboard Permissions


JSON Virtual Data

If you like to use JSON for summarizing your survey's open-ended responses, you're in luck! You can now use JSON in outputs for virtual questions in Decipher.

This functionality can be added to both SECURE and non-SECURE surveys using the new json_loads() function in the XML Editor.

Learn More: Secure Surveys Overview

Updated Key Values

It is now possible to use the unique identifier uuid for tracking respondents within your survey datasources. This is accomplished at the datasource level using ourKey.

Learn More: Datasource Tag

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