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May 15th Technical Release Notes

Release Date: May 15, 2018

New Features


Crosstabs: Single Table Export


View/Edit Responses Report

  • Updated the View/Edit Responses report to allow multi-variable questions (i.e., checkboxes and looped questions), to be added using a single variable

  • [KB: View/Edit Responses Report]


Survey Editor

Programming & Tools

Custom Elements (Logic Nodes)

Bug Fixes


  • Added browser detection for Chrome on iOS


  • Fixed an issue where nets programmed in the survey.xml file could be out of order when using the table editor

  • Fixed an error shown when saving a custom base and a table net in the table editor


  • Fixed an issue where legends were not exporting properly in charts with stack options

  • Fixed an issue where some HTML tags were showing up in chart bases within PowerPoint exports

  • Fixed an issue where local filters used incorrect logic across filtergroups

Field Report

  • Fixed an issue with the quota reassignment modal not allowing users to change multiple tables

Usage Statistics

  • Fixed an issue in the company selector where long company names made the "Cancel" and "Apply" buttons inaccessible


  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to access style variables for Dynamic Questions when working in a specific access order

Survey Editor

  • Fixed an issue with users not being able to scroll long lists of targets within Skip elements

  • Updated various styles

  • Made various updates to project load performance

Respondent View

  • Fixed an issue where question text would be read multiple times when using the JAWS screen reader (in surveys with compat 134+)

  • Fixed an issue with protected images not always centering the watermark


  • Made various styling updates for modals, the navigation menu, and display within Internet Explorer

  • Fixed an issue where logout URL's were not applied on user session timeout when using SAML

  • Updated search functionality to better handle multi-word search terms

  • Fixed an issue in the Edit User modal where supervisors did not appear as supervisors

Programming & Tools

Custom Elements (Logic Nodes)

  • Fixed an issue where scheduled elements would continue to send emails after they were removed from a survey

Note: This fix is not retroactive and will apply only to elements removed after the release of the fix.

Misc / Custom Projects

  • Updated the performance of the "Getting Started" videos

  • Updated the branding for the login title shown within browser tabs

  • Updated the Survey Editor demo links

  • Added the ability to customize a dynamic proxy configuration per server


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