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Server Administration


Server Administration

  Requires Decipher Cloud

This section will go over how to do administrative tasks in the shell.

umanage: Creating and Managing Shell Users 

Requires Shell Supervisor Level Access

As a server supervisor, we may need to add, remove, or edit accounts for shell and staff users from our server. This tutorial will go over the umanage tool and its functionality.

dec thumbnail_creating and managing shell users.png

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Monitoring Server Status

Occasionally, we may need to monitor our server in regards to disk space or process usage. We can use the serverutil script to easily see what processes are running and quickly find directories or files that may be taking up server space.

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Scripts for Managing Archived Projects

When a server is close to maxing out our disk space usage, we may look into archiving our projects to save space or we may need to recover a project that has been archived due to data retention. This tutorial will go over the archive, unarchive, and archived scripts.

thumbnail_Scripts for Managing Archived Projects.png

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