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Making a Question Optional

1:  Making a Question Optional

You can make various questions in your survey optional.  When a question is optional, a respondent is not required to answer before navigating to the next survey question.

The steps for setting a question optional depends on the question type.

1.1:  Single Select, Dropdown menu, Number, Text or Essay Questions

First display the question in builder and then click to clear the "Mandatory" checkbox on the right options panel.


1.2:  Multi-Select Questions

First display the question in builder and then enter "0" in the "Min Answers box on the right options panel.

When you set the attribute minRanks to anything other than 0minRanks will make the question optional, even if you have the attribute optional="0" applied on the same question.

2:  Making Questions Optional by Default

You can make various question elements optional by default.  Afterwards when you create that question, it is automatically optional.

To do this, access your project settings and then select to edit the "Question Settings."  Make your changes as desired and click Save. 

For step-by-step instructions, click here.