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Creating a Random Concept Picker that Selects Multiple Concepts

In the following example, there are three concepts that we would like to show respondents taking our survey.  The goal is to randomly assign two out of three concepts to each respondent and then have the respondent answer a series of questions based on those concepts.

Step 1:  Program the Survey

Create all survey elements (including the concepts) using the survey editor.


Step 2:  Create a Quota for Random Assignment

On the question tree, select the element at the beginning of the concept block and then click "+" to add a new survey element before the concept loop. 


Insert a Quota from the Structural tab.


Update the quota's title and then click "Edit Quota".


Next, click the "row button" to add cells to the quota.


In the "quick quotas" popup window, select "randomly assign quotas" from the drop down menu.  Next, write each concept name on its own line to create a cell for each concept in the quota. Click OK.


Step 3:  Set the Quota to Assign Multiple Concepts

Update the “Maximum Number of Cells to Assign” field to the total number of concepts for respondents to see. In the example below, each respondent will see two out of the three listed concepts.


The quota will assign respondents to concepts based on the "least full" rule.

Learn more: Create Quotas from Randomly Assigned Quotas

Step 4:  Add Limits to the Quota

Optionally, limits can be set in the quota cells to specify the exact number of respondents that will see each concept. In the example below, each concept is set to display to 500 respondents.


Learn more: Setting Limits for Cells

Step 5:  Save all Changes to Your Quota

Click "Save" on the Quota Editor pop-up window to save all changes to your quota.

The quota details display.

Step 6:  Assign Logic

Now that the random concept picker is complete it is time to assign conditional logic to the concept questions.  Respondents should see each concept question twice based on their assignment in our concept quota. 

In this example, the concept questions are in a loop, to repeat for each concept (see the loop variables).

To assign logic, click "Edit Pipe Variables."

Next select “all” under the condition column to update the logic for that row.


Using the logic editor, assign a condition to the loop variable.  In this case, select the named condition that was created from the randomly assigning quota.


The result displays in the Pipe Variables Setup window.


Repeat this process for each loop row. 

Now, respondents will go through our loop a total of two times, only seeing the loop for the concepts for which they were assigned.

Step 7:  Test Your Survey

Manually test the survey to make sure that the concept assignment is functioning as expected.