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Limiting the Number of Characters Permitted in Responses to Open-Ended Questions

The survey builder allows you to place a limit on the number of characters a respondent can enter in response to open-ended questions (Text, Essay and Number questions). This can be used to restrict an answer to a reasonable length, which can be useful for coding purposes.

First, create the text question in Builder. We are using a text question for the example below.

Under the Options panel, find the "Response Length" option, and enter a minimum and a maximum value to restrict the number of permitted characters for a response.

The data entered must be a certain number of characters in length. In the example above "Response Length: 10 - 60" ensures that at least 10 and at most 60 characters are entered.

The number of characters also counts spaces.

Test the survey to confirm the question functions correctly. If the number of characters entered in the response field is below or exceeds the limit, you will receive an error message similar to the example below.

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