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Organizing Your Company with Subdirectories


Subdirectories allow for a higher level of organization in your company. For example, you can create subdirectories for each division in the company while still maintaining project assets like a survey theme or answer options that have been shared to the company library. 

Additionally, subdirectories allow you to sandbox users (a mechanism for separating users), giving a specific group of users access to a directory instead of applying access on a per-project basis.

In the following example, a company, Fresno Tech, uses the Decipher Platform for a variety of tasks. The company is organized into two teams which work with a number of different clients.

Each team (user group) is comprised of various users; from programmers, to account managers, to analysts, and more. Both individual users and user groups are added to a subdirectory, allowing them access to projects created. 

You should use caution when adding a new user to a user group because it can potentially give them access to all projects in which the user group has access.  For example, if a new user was added to Team A, then the user would have access to projects created in the Client 1A, Client 2A, and Client 3A subdirectories. 

However, this scenario might be ideal for adding new hires to a particular team to provide access to all their clients/projects as seen in the example but be aware of the permissions you are granting.

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Creating Subdirectories

Note: Only company supervisors can access and manage subdirectories.

To create a new directory:

Step 1:  On the company page, select "+ Add New Subdirectory" from the Directories tab:


A pop-up window opens where you can enter the details of the subdirectory.

Step 2:  Enter the details for the subdirectory:


  • Name:  The name for the subdirectory, as it will appear in the portal.
  • Allow New Projects:  Allows you to add new projects to the directory.
  • Automatically Grant User Permissions:  Automatically grants users permissions to future projects in this subdirectory (this setting grants users/groups access to all projects in the subdirectory).
  • User/User Group:  Specify each user/group for this subdirectory and set their permission level (this permission level is applied to all projects in the subdirectory).

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click "Save" to create the new subdirectory.

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Editing an Existing Subdirectory

If you need to edit the directory at another time, click the directory name in the "Directories" tab to open the "Edit Subdirectory" window and make your changes. 

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Creating a Project in a Subdirectory

You can now create a new project and automatically assign the user/group access and permissions by specifying the subdirectory from the "Project Directory" drop-down:


Note: Your "parent" directory is listed first in the "Project Directory" dropdown list, followed by all of the subdirectories in your organization.