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Shuffling Answer Options Based on a Previous Question

Builder allows you to shuffle a question's answer options in the same order as a previous question with the same number of answer options. This can be done using the "shuffleBy" option found in the "More Options" dropdown menu.


  • The questions must have the same number of answer options.
  • The answer options should be entered in the same order, utilize the same labels and the text should match exactly.
  • If you want an answer option to show in one question but not the other, you must include the answer option and then hide it from respondents by selecting "Hidden."

To begin, create the first question and add the answer options. This is the question that will be the source of the shuffle order of the answer options. In the general options for the element, choose how the answer options will shuffle. In this example the question only has rows, so in the "shuffle" dropdown menu we selected "rows."

The question that will copy the shuffle order of the question above must occur after the question we created in the last step. Add a new question and enter the answer options. The answer options must exactly match those used in the source question, including the text, number of options and their labels, in order for it to function. In the options panel, choose how the options will shuffle. This should also mirror the shuffle specifications of the source question. In this example the previous question shuffled rows, so for this question we will select "rows" in the "shuffle" dropdown menu.

Next, locate the "More Options" dropdown menu in the general options for the question and select "shuffleBy."

The "shuffleBy" options will appear in the general options for the element. In the shuffleBy field, enter the question label of the question you want to use for the shuffle order. In this example we are using the shuffle order from q7, so we entered "q7" in the field.

If you want an answer option to appear in one question but not another you can hide the answer option from respondents. The answer option will still appear in the report because it must be present in order for the shuffleBy condition to function, however the count will be zero because respondents will not see it in the survey. To hide an answer option, click on it so the options appear in the right panel of the stage. Then check the box for "Hidden." If QA codes are being shown the "HIDDEN" tag will appear for the row.

To test, choose "Test Survey" in the actions menu. When you reach the first question make note of the order of the answer options.

Tip: It is helpful to have QA codes turned "on" so you can see the question and answer labels.

When you reach the second question, compare the order of the answer options the what you saw in the first question. If QA codes are turned "on" you will also see the SHF (i.e., shuffle) code by the question label. If any of the answer options are hidden they will not appear in the survey.