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Options for Verifying an Answer Format

1:  What Does "Verify" Do?

The options in the "Verify" menu allow you to restrict a response to a certain format, e.g., an email address or phone number. The "Verify" option must be used in text elements in order to function properly.

"Verify" can be set on the general question level OR on a specific answer option, but not both.

2:  Adding Verification

First, add a text question. The verification options are available in the general options for the element, affecting the entire element.

You can also verify the response for a specific row or column within the text question. To do this, click on the row or column to access the options, then select the verification option from the dropdown menu.

2.1:  Digits

Verifies that the response is a whole, positive number (e.g., 1, 123, 9999).

2.2:  Email Address

Verifies that the response resembles an email address. The response should contain the @ symbol, followed by a dot (.) and ending with 2-4 characters (e.g.,

2.3:  Number

Verifies that the response is a number, integer or decimal (e.g., 100, 10.0, $10, 10.00, 1,000).

2.4:  Phone Number (US)

Verifies that the response is a 10-digit US phone number (e.g., 559123456).

2.5:  Zip Code (US)

Verifies that the response is 5 digits long.

2.6:  Extended Zip Code

Verifies that the response is 5 digits, immediately followed with a hyphen and 4 digits (e.g. 93722-1234).