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End a Survey Without Termination

The "final" option is similar to showing a respondent an exit message, the difference being that the "final" option does not count the respondent as a terminate or complete, it simply ends the survey for that respondent. By default, the response data for respondents that are sent through the "final" option is not saved and is not included in the report or field report.

Note: To save the partial response data for "final" respondents, you can enable the Partial Recovery System for your survey. 

In this example we want to end the survey for respondents under the age of 18. After adding the age question we added a comment element with a message stating that the survey requires respondents to be age 18 or older. We also added logic to the comment element so only respondents that answered that they are under the age of 18 will see the element. To add the "final" option, click on the question so the general options appear in the right panel. In the "more options" dropdown menu, select "final".


The "final" option will appear in the general options for the element. Check the box to enable it.


To test, choose "Test Survey" in the actions menu. Select responses that will meet the logic condition you created for the element with the "final" option configured. For our example we selected the age "Under 18" and the next page displayed was the one shown below. The message in the red box explains that the survey would normally end at that point and the "Continue" button would not be displayed. It only appears to allow you to test the survey.