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Survey Elements and Device Compatibility


1:  About Device Feedback

To ensure that your survey functions correctly for all respondents, Decipher provides device feedback that notifies you when elements in your survey are incompatible with the devices you have allowed for the project. Some mobile devices cannot display certain types of elements due to limitations of their user interface. The device feedback system also provides options to correct compatibility issues.

Note:  When you start a new survey, certain devices are automatically selected for your project. You should check the project settings to verify the devices that respondents are allowed to use to complete the survey.

2:  Viewing Device Feedback Notifications

The device feedback notifications display to warn you about incompatible elements in your project.  You may see these warnings when:

  • adding an element to your survey from the survey elements menu
  • editing your survey (element tree and stage)
  • viewing the device settings category of the project settings
  • launching your survey (Shell users will view a list of labels for incompatible elements but can continue the launch process, if desired.)

Note:  All device feedback warnings must be resolved before you can launch your survey. Click here for more information.

2.1:  Survey Elements Menu

The survey elements menu opens when adding elements to your survey in the survey editor ("+Add survey Element").

This menu contains a show filter where you can control the elements displayed to ensure that you are adding only elements that are compatible with your project settings:

  • Show All Elements: Displays all available elements regardless of their compatibility with your project settings. Elements that are incompatible are highlighted in red as you hover over them. The table below the element description provides compatibility details.
  • Only Show Compatible Elements: Displays only compatible elements while hiding those that are incompatible based on your project settings. Note that compatible elements may work on some mobile devices, but are not specifically optimized such that these may incur horizontal scrolling. While you can use compatible elements on mobile-enabled surveys, respondents on mobile devices may have difficulty answering these questions.
  • Only Show Optimized Elements: Displays only elements that have been optimized based on the allowable devices. Content may re-arrange to display properly on small screens and the content is optimized for touch based input.

In the graphic below, the "Show:" filter is set to "Show All Elements."  Some dynamic questions are incompatible with the devices allowed in the project as shown with red highlight.

Note:  To avoid adding incompatible elements to you survey, set the survey elements menu to display only compatible or optimized elements.

If you want to go ahead and add an incompatible element to your survey click "Incompatible Element - Insert Anyway." Click here to see how you can resolve incompatibility warnings.

2.2: Element Tree and Stage

If you added an incompatible element to your survey, a device feedback warning displays in the survey editor. Any element displayed in "red" on the element tree indicates an incompatible element. You can click the element in the question tree to open the stage where there are options to resolve the incompatibility warning:

  • Restrict to Compatible Devices: Adds skip logic to the question so that only respondents using compatible devices will see the question.
  • Open Project Settings: Opens the project settings where you can make adjustment to the devices allowed for the survey.

2.3: Project Settings

Device notification warnings also display on the device settings category of your project settings. Any devices that are incompatible with elements you have added are highlighted in red. 

2.4: Launch Warning

Warnings are also displayed if you attempt to launch your survey with incompatible elements. There are links to help you resolve any incompatibilities:

  • Go edit survey content: Opens the survey editor so you can resolve device notification warnings.
  • Open project settings: Opens project settings where you can make adjustments the allowed devices.

3:  Resolving Device Compatibility Warnings

You can use any of the following methods to resolve compatibility warnings so you can launch your survey:

3.1: Change Your Project Settings

Modify the device settings category of the project settings to set the devices to include only those that are compatible with the survey elements.

To change your project settings:

1.  Open the device settings category of your project settings.

2. Click to clear the checkbox for any devices displayed in red. The devices are no longer allowed for the survey and device feedback warnings are cleared.

3.2: Substitute Compatible Elements

You can substitute compatible elements for the incompatible ones to ensure that all respondents are allowed to complete the survey with mobile devices.

To substitute compatible elements:

1. In the survey editor, delete any elements highlighted in red in the question tree.

2.  Click "+Add Survey Element" at the bottom of the staging area in the survey editor.

3. Set the survey element menu to view only compatible or optimized elements and select a substitution.


4. Repeat these steps to make substitutions for any additional incompatible elements. Afterwards, all device feedback warnings are cleared.

3.3: Add Logic to Incompatible Element(s)

Logic can be added to the incompatible element so that respondents on those mobile devices will skip the question. You might consider offering those mobile respondents a different version of the question, if that's an acceptable solution.

To add logic to incompatible element(s):

1. In the survey editor, click an incompatible element from the element tree.

2. Click "Restrict to Compatible Devices." 

This restricts this question to only respondents using compatible devices. Respondents using incompatible devices will not see this question. 

Skip logic is automatically added to the question. The device notification warning is cleared for the incompatible element.

3. Repeat these steps to add skip logic for any additional incompatible elements. Afterwards, all device feedback warnings are cleared.

Note:  Logic detection makes a best effort to add logic to skip an incompatible question. However, if you additionally have added your own question logic, conflicts may occur. Make sure that you thoroughly test your survey on all devices allowed.

3.4: Delete the Incompatible Element(s) in the Your Survey

To delete incompatible element(s) in your survey.

1. In the survey editor, right-click an incompatible element (highlighted in red) from the element tree.

2. Select "Delete Element."

3. Repeat these steps for any additional incompatible elements. Afterwards, all device feedback warnings are cleared.