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Testing Translations for Multi-Language Studies

If you've never created a multi-language project, be sure to read the Guide to Programming Multi-Language Studies Overview, by clicking here.

Testing Translations for Multi-Language Studies

1:  Manually Test Translations

Manually test your survey to ensure that all translations are uploaded properly, no English text is showing, and MLS logic is working properly.

You can manually test your survey by selecting “Test Survey” from the Test menu.

This opens up the survey test environment:

You can use the survey test environment to format the link for testing purposes.  Use the Language Dropdown menu to select the language you wish to test, as shown in the example above. 

Learn more: Testing an Online Survey

After configuring the test environment, you can select either “Show Respondent View” or “Show Survey with Tools” to test your project.

  • As you’re testing, you’ll want to go through every page of the survey looking for:
  • Broken characters
  • MLS Logic (is the proper question/answer option showing per language)
  • Missing translations
  • Custom Error messages
  • Currency symbols (vary by country)
  • Missing pipe text translations

Repeat this process for each language in your survey.

2:  Running Simulated Data

An important step in completing your project is running simulated data through your survey. The test data feature runs through a bug checking process developed to find potential errors in survey logic or survey flow. The test data process also allows thorough testing of the report to help verify that skips and question logic has been defined properly.

 You can access the test data feature by selecting “Simulated Data” from the Test menu.

Configure the Test Simulation or Run Test Data.  Troubleshoot and correct any presenting issues in order to launch the survey. Once all issues are resolved, continue to launch.  

Learn more: Simulated Testing


Click here to move on to the next phase of the multi-language studies guide: Making Changes to Translations for Multi-Language Studies.