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Making Live Translation Changes for Multi-Language Studies

Note: If you've never created a multi-language project, be sure to read the Guide to Programming Multi-Language Studies Overview, by clicking here.

Making Live Translation Changes for Multi-Language Studies

Step 1:  Create a Temporary Version 

You can create a temporary version of your study by accessing the survey editor after you’ve launched your survey. To do this, select “Edit LIVE Survey” from the Project Controls menu:


Step 2: Access the Language Manager

From inside the newly created temporary version of your study, you can then select the language manager from the build menu.

This opens up the language manager.

Step 3: Update Translations

Complete your translation changes by following the steps for Making Changes to Translations for Multi-Language Studies.

Step 4:  Test Changes

Once you’re done with changes, test your survey to ensure that the translations are in place and working as expected.

Learn more: Testing Multi-Language Studies

Step 5:  Merge the Changes to the Live Study

The final step for making changes to your live study is to merge them from the temporary version of your study to the live version.

Merging changes into the live survey maintains any data you have collected to date. The live edit mode also maintains the original link, allowing you to continue to field as normal.

You merge your changes by selecting the "Distribute" menu and clicking "Save to Live Survey".

Confirm the survey settings and click "Launch".

Once you click "Launch" the system tests the newly modified survey for errors. If the survey passes, then the changes are pushed to replace the existing live survey. During this process the original survey link is maintained, as is the data collected to date.