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Float Question Attributes

1:  Overview

The <float> element is an open-ended question type that accepts negative and positive floating point values.

<float label="Q1" optional="0" ss:postText='"'>
  <title>What are the dimensions (in inches) of your laptop?</title>
  <row label="r1">Width</row>
  <row label="r2">Height</row>
  <row label="r3">Depth</row>

<float label="vQ1" optional="0" where="execute" ss:postText="cubic inches">
  <exec>vQ1.val = reduce(lambda x, y: x * y, Q1.values, 1)</exec>
  <title>HIDDEN: VOLUME of LAPTOP</title>

The code above produces the following result:

2:  Attributes

In addition to the Question Attributes available, the <float> element has access to the following attributes:

2.1:  size - Set the Input Field's Width

The size attribute is an integer value that controls the width of the input field shown to respondents. By default, size="6" is specified.

For example, specifying a size of 1 produces the following result:

<float label="Q1" optional="0" size="1" ss:postText='"'>
  <title>Please enter your height (in inches):</title>

And specifying size="30" gives us a larger box to work with:

2.2:  range - Set the Minimum/Maximum Values

The range attribute controls the minimum and maximum values that can be provided.

For example, if range="20" is specified, then only numbers from 0 to 20 will be accepted like 0, 10.25, 20, etc... If range="1,5" is specified, then only numbers from 1 to 5 will be accepted like 1, 4.99, 5, etc...

The <float> element also supports negative numbers, so specifying range="-10,10" is valid and will accept all numbers from -10 to 10 like -10, -9.75, 0, 1.25, 10, etc...

2.3:  optional - Set the Question Mandatory or Optional

The optional attribute is a boolean value that controls whether or not the <float> question should be mandatory.

By default, optional="1" is specified and <float> questions are not mandatory. Specify optional="0" to force a response to the question.

3:  What's Next?

Need to add a <float> question type to your project using the survey builder? Check out this information on the Number Question to learn more.

There's an option available in the survey builder for <number> questions to Allow decimals. This transforms the <number> question into a <float> question.

Dive deeper into the XML with this information on the Number Question XML.