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Setting an Answer Option Base to Total Shown for Multi-Select Questions

1:  Overview

You can adjust the "Percentage Base" by selecting  Edit Settings in Crosstabs. By default, the drop down menu on the right allows you to select one of the following:

  • Total Answering (default)
  • Total Shown
  • Total in Segment


However, you may wish to show the percentage calculation based on the number of respondents who were shown a specific answer option in the multi-select question, rather than the entire question. Consider the following example:

<checkbox label="Q2" atleast="1" rowcond="Q1[row]">
  <title>Select all that apply:</title>
  <row label="r1">Item 1</row>
  <row label="r2">Item 2</row>
  <row label="r3">Item 3</row>
  <row label="r4">Item 4</row>

In this example, the rows at Q2 are shown only if they're selected at Q1. If 3 out of the total 4 respondents selected r3, then the percentage would be 75% for r3 at Q2. However, if only 3 people actually saw r3, then that would mean 3 out of the total 3 respondents who saw r3 selected r3, which is 100%.

2:  Percentages Based on Individual Checkboxes

To show the percentage calculations base based on individual checkboxes, we can add trackVars="checkbox" to the project's <survey> tag.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<survey name="Survey"

In doing so, a new option, "Total Shown Variable", will be available in the percentage base drop down menu:

Selecting "Total Shown Variable" will adjust the percentage calculations for <checkbox> questions to base the number on the total number of respondents who saw the individual checkbox selection rather than the question as a whole.

2.1:  Control trackVars at the Question Level

Use the tv attribute to control how trackVars works at the question level. For example:

<checkbox label="Q10" atleast="1" tv="off">

By default, tv="auto" is specified and trackVars will work normally.

If tv="off" is specified, then trackVars will not take effect at this question. This means that the question's data values will only be blank if the question was skipped altogether.

If tv="force" is specified, then all of the question's cells will be considered to have been seen. If new rows are later added and merged in, those rows will be marked as unseen.

3:  What's Next?

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The trackVars attribute is one of many Survey Tag attributes.