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Inserting XML Styles with a Command

  Requires Decipher Cloud

It is recommended to avoid cut-and-pasting the entire XML system style to make minor changes. The preferred method is to use mode=before/after or intercept arguments when possible. When necessary, the sxml command can be used to generate the correct HTML. This command searches through the system style ( only. Even if working remotely you could run ssh your-server sxml button.continue

Example of running sxml button.continue in the shell:

<style name='button.continue'> 
<input type="submit" name="continue" id="btn_continue" class="btn continue survey-button" value="@(continue) &raquo;" />

The code can be cut and paste into a survey. xml or you can insert the style directly while editing the survey. The override will appear right in your XML code at your cursor. Be sure to check for @ and escape them using \@.

To insert in nano

Control-R Control-X sxml button.continue  

To insert in vim

:r !sxml button.continue

To view XML style blocks and descriptions click here.

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