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Audit Logs


Every project has a number of audit events that are logged into a database. Accessing the log files vary depending on the events they capture. Here's a list to a few of the different audit logs available:

Project Applications (Access via Web Browser):

Path to Logs Description Interesting project events Interesting user events Project version control Test data history

Project Directory (Access via Command Line):

  Requires Decipher Cloud

Path to Logs Description
/project/path/survey.log Interesting survey events
/project/path/report.log Report viewing events
/project/path/quota.xls.log Quota marker events
/project/path/data/exit.log Respondent exit events
/project/path/mail/*.report Email send events

User Audit Logs

To view your personal audit log, click your profile picture in the upper-right of the portal and select "View Audit Log":


To access a teammate's audit log, visit your company's page and click on their username to access a menu with an Audit Log link available. You may also click on the timestamp reflecting their Last Login date.

The following events are logged per user:

  • Viewing or deleting a report
  • Viewing or deleting an extra report
  • Downloading data
  • Accessing the project data editor
  • Editing the project data
  • Changing passwords
  • Logging in (both successful and failed attempts)
  • Logging out (if the user clicked "Logout")
  • Modifying the company's permissions
  • Disabling, enabling, or editing a user account
  • Creating a new account

Changes to users' permission levels are logged as well. Both the user performing the action and the user upon which the action is performed will have actions logged in their individual audit logs. The log entry will include the user, project (if applicable), and raw permissions (if applicable).

The following permission actions are logged per user:

  • Modifying a user's default permissions
  • Modifying a group’s default permissions *
  • Adding or modifying a user’s default permissions for directory auto-assignment
  • Adding or modifying a group’s default permissions for directory auto-assignment *
  • Adding/removing/modifying a group’s or user’s project permissions

* These actions will only be logged for the user performing the action, not the users in the group being acted upon.

Project Audit Logs

Use the table above to access various audit logs related to your project. Replace "project/path" with the actual path to your project (e.g. selfserve/9d3/proj1234). The following events are logged per project:

  • Respondent information
    • Entering/exiting the survey
    • Etatus (e.g., qualified, terminated, overquota)
    • Duplicate attempts
    • Quota markers set
    • Variables passed into the URL sample source URLs
  • File edits made
  • Data edits made
  • Test data history
  • Users viewing reports
  • Data downloads and generation
  • Project copies made
  • Survey status (e.g., live, closed, testing)
  • Various other debugging information
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