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Creating a Registration Update Survey Using Decipher


Kinesis customers are able to create a Registration Update Survey within Decipher using Kinesis datapoints.

What is a Registration Update Survey?

A Registration Update Survey (Update Survey) is an online survey that uses Kinesis datapoints to allow existing panelists to adjust the responses they provided earlier within their Registration Survey.

Note: Because Update Surveys rely on Kinesis datapoints, you will need to have already fielded a Registration Survey in order to use one. Click here for more information on creating and fielding a Registration Survey.

Creating an Update Survey

To create an Update Survey, you will need to start with a standard Decipher survey by clicking on the “+ New Project” button within your company portal page:

dec_create_KPreg update_survey_001.png

In the “New Project” menu, enter your project name, type, and primary language using the boxes provided. Then click on “Build”:

dec_create_KPreg update_survey_002.png

Building Out an Update Survey

Once created, your Update Survey will appear in the Survey Editor where you can start building it out using predefined Kinesis sample sources and datapoints. The building process functions very similarly to a standard Decipher survey, but all questions should be added using datasources from a previously fielded Registration Survey.

Any questions that need to be available for update (age, zipcode, etc.) should also be set to show within the survey so that panelists can update their data as needed:

Click here for more information on adding Kinesis sample sources and datapoints to a Decipher survey.

Note: Non-Kinesis Datapoint questions can be added to the survey but will NOT update or get added to your Kinesis Datapoint manager.

Allowing Duplicate Respondents

Decipher blocks duplicate respondents by default. In order to allow existing panelists in to take your Update Survey, you will need to turn off the duplicate checker within Decipher.

To turn off the duplicate checker, go to the “Project Settings” menu under “Build”:

dec_create_KPreg update_survey_004.png

Then click on the Field Settings menu to adjust your live project settings. From here, select “No Checking” from the drop-down menu under “Verify Unique Respondents”:

Launching an Update Survey

To launch an Update Survey, you will first need to set it live within Decipher. You can set your Update Survey live using the same process that you would for a normal Decipher survey. If you have never launched a Decipher survey before, click here for a guided walkthrough.

Once your Update Survey is live, you can distribute the URL through either Kinesis or Decipher.

Distributing an Update Survey via Kinesis

Before you can distribute your survey through Kinesis, you will need to connect the Decipher survey to your project in Kinesis. Click here for more information on creating a project in Kinesis.

Once your survey is set live in Decipher, it will appear in the “Link to Decipher survey” drop-down menu within Kinesis for your project. You will need to select the name of your Update Survey here to allow the Decipher system to verify that all existing datapoints are compatible with Kinesis and publish the survey to Kinesis:

After you have linked your survey within Kinesis, you can send panelists through the survey using Kinesis.  

Respondent Experience

When a panelist enters a live Update Survey URL, all of their previous responses will be pre-populated in any questions that are shown to them, and they can make changes directly to these responses while reading through the survey.

Once panelists have completed the Update Survey, any adjustments they make to their responses will automatically be saved within Decipher and applied to their data within the Kinesis Datapoint manager.

Additional Considerations

Making Changes to the Data Using Decipher

As a researcher, you can make changes to existing panelist records by using panelists’ unique panelist_hash values within the Update Survey URL. By inputting this value within the URL, you will be able to enter the Update Survey as a panelist would, and update their responses yourself.

Any changes made in a live Update Survey by the panelist or researcher will automatically be applied within Kinesis once the survey is re-submitted.

Note: Changes will not be saved if the panelist or researcher drops out of the Update Survey before clicking on the “Finish” button at the end of the survey.

Making Changes to the Data Using Kinesis

It is also possible to apply changes to panelist records by updating their data fields within the “system fields” menu in Kinesis. Click here for more information on editing data within Kinesis.