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Video Player Element

Usage fees apply for video files. Please contact your Account Manager for pricing specifics.


The Video Player element allows researchers to expose their survey respondents to a short video clip for product review and enhanced engagement. It utilizes a text question base with the following rows, which will appear in the survey report and any exported data:

  • play_count:The number of times the respondent has watched the video in full. If a respondent does not play the video, a value of 0 will show in the data for them.
  • time_elapsed:The most amount of time (in seconds) spent watching the video across each time it was viewed. If a respondent does not play the video, a value of 0 will show in the data for them.
  • watermark_id: If applicable, the value of the burned-in watermark that was shown for the respondent. This field is only visible in the reports/data if burned-in watermarking is added to the Video Player. See section 2 below for more details.

The following is an example of the Video Player element as it would appear within a survey:

Note: The Video Player uses HTML 5, and the new version is available in survey compats 137+.

Adding a Video Player Element

Note: You can set the "Show" filter to display only elements that are compatible or optimized for the devices allowed for your project. Click here to learn how to view and modify your project settings.

You can add a Video Player to any survey using the Survey Editor. To add a Video Player, click "Add Survey Element", select the "Multimedia" tab and choose "Video Player." Then click "Insert":

Note: We recommend adding only a single Video Player question per page, as differing stylevars can lead to potential complications.

Once you've inserted the Video Player, you can change the question label and style settings, upload a video file, and adjust the default question text in the areas provided:

Note: Your question label should not contain the word "ad", as this will result in your video being blocked by any adblock software.  

Uploading a Video File

Videos must be uploaded using the system file manager. Click here to learn how to access the file manager and upload your video.

Usage fees apply for video files. Please contact your Account Manager for pricing specifics.

Video files must be submitted in one of the following formats:

  • .mp4 (mobile compatible)
  • .mov (mobile compatible)

Note: Be sure to note your video ID, as this field is required to link your video to a Video Player element.

Configuring the Style Settings

Once you've uploaded your video file, you will need to link it to a Video Player using the style settings menu within the element. To link your video file and configure the display settings for your video player, click the "Style: Video Player" link at the top right of the Video Player element:

The "Question Display Options" window will appear, where you can adjust each of the following settings for your video player:

Note: Additional information about each feature will appear when you mouse-over the text in the window.

  • Video ID: Enter the unique video ID provided in the file manager. For complete instruction on how to upload videos, click here.
  • Video Width: Enter the width of the video in pixels. E.g., 640
  • Video Height: Enter the height of the video in pixels. E.g., 360
  • Allow Pause: When checked, the video can be paused by the respondent. When unchecked, pausing is not available.
  • Allow Replay: When checked, the video can be replayed by the respondent. When unchecked, replaying is not available.
  • Allow Auto-Start (Desktop): When checked, the video auto-starts on desktop computers. When unchecked, video is manually started on desktop (i.e., respondent must click "play"). Due to mobile browser limitations, auto-start is only available for desktop browsers.
  • Auto Advance: When checked, the respondent is automatically advanced to the next page when the video is finished playing. When unchecked, the respondent will be required to click continue/finish to advance to the next page.
  • Allow Fullscreen:  When checked, the video can be viewed in fullscreen. However, if this is used the watermark feature will not be available. When unchecked, the video is not available in fullscreen.
  • Hide Volume Controls: When checked, the volume controls will not be shown to respondents. When unchecked, the volume controls will show to respondents.
  • Hide Poster on Pause/Finish: When checked, the poster image will not be shown to respondents. When unchecked, the poster image will show to respondents.
  • Must Watch Video: When checked, this disallows respondents from continuing in the survey until the video has completed playing.
  • Enable continue button after...: The value entered here will disable the Continue button for xx seconds or until xx% of the video is played. Requires “Must Watch Video” to be checked. For example, if "15" is entered, the Continue button will be disabled for 15 seconds. If "15%" is entered, the Continue button will be disabled until 15% of the video has been played.
  • Watermark: The value entered here will be used for watermarking videos across users. For example, if you enter "ACME" here, this text will show as the watermark for every respondent. It is also possible to use simple javascript to apply a unique watermark per respondent. For example,"${uuid}" will use each respondent's unique ID as their watermark. Likewise, "${gv.request.getRemote()}" will use each respondent's IP address as their watermark. If this field is left blank, no watermark will be applied.
  • Watermark Position: Determines the position of the watermark. This becomes the starting position if the watermark is animated.

Click "Save and Preview" to preview your settings at any time. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click "Save and Close".

Note: Watermarks cannot accept the following character: ’


The video player has some limitations in certain instances:

  • For best compatibility on desktop/tablet/mobile devices, please use only the HTTP protocol when sending survey links out.
  • Using HTTPS with the video player transfers video securely when the survey/page is loaded via HTTPS on mobile (Android / iOS devices).

Note: When using HTTPS, the JS console will sometimes contain mixed content warnings, but the video is transferred securely. The warnings are related to Brightcove's API, and not critical.

  • The size of the video file shown in the video player must be less than 2GB.
  • When viewed in fullscreen:
    • Watermark is not supported for iOS
    • Different player is used for iPhone (iOS)
    • Fullscreen enables pause and replay by default, overriding any settings for iPhone (iOS)
  • When viewed on mobile:
    • iPhone (iOS) will play in fullscreen by default and enable the seekbar
  • Autostart is only available for desktop browsers.
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