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Starting a New Project



In order to build your own surveys, your company must have access to the survey building application enabled. Contact your account manager to sign up or activate your Decipher account.

Creating the Project

To start a new project, click the "+ New Project" button in the top-right corner of the research hub:


The "New Project" dialog opens for you to get started:


The following settings are configurable:

Project Name: The project name as it will appear in the Portal. Respondents do not see this name.

Project Type: The type of project you would like to build. Select "Survey" from the Project Type menu to build a survey. Click here to learn More about the available project types.

Note: The Decipher platform hosts the survey and requires that respondents have an internet connection in order to take the survey.

Primary Language: The survey language. This will be the default language in which the survey is shown to respondents. You can add secondary languages via the Language Manager or using the survey’s XML. Click here to learn more about managing multiple languages within your survey.

Project Info: Click the link to expand the Project Info dialog, where you can specify a project description and tags.

Advanced: Click the link to expand the Advanced project settings menu, where you can specify the project directory, path, and version number.

Specifying Project Info

Click the Project Info link to view and change your project information:


Here, you can enter a project description to help you remember what the project was about and help others identify the project in the Portal. You can also add or remove tags, which are words or short phrases that will help with project organization and search filtering.

Learn More: Tagging Projects

Specifying Advanced Project Settings

Click the "Advanced" link to view and change your advanced project settings:


Project Directory

Here, you can select which company directory you'd like to house the survey from the Project Directory drop-down. You can also specify a project number within the project path, which is used for the survey URL.

Note: If you do not specify a custom project path, the system automatically generates one for you.

Project Path

Customizing the project number of the project path can be very useful for organizing your studies by groups or clients. To specify your own project number, click "Auto" under Project Path and enter a new unique string in the text box.

Note: Only a-z, 0-9, and / characters are allowed. Do not use the following as the start of your project path:

"temp, tmp, sst, preview" (e.g. template2).

Project Version

Finally, you can specify the project version. The system automatically upgrades you to the latest version of software, but you may want select an older version to enable certain features that are not compatible with the latest release.

To see what has changed from version to version, check out the compatibility levels.

Note: You can also do this by editing the <survey> tag in the XML. Set the compat level to 133 or lower.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click "Save & Return to Project Page" to create your project and view it in the portal. Or, if you are ready to start programming the survey for your project, click "Build".

Note: Decipher remembers the expanded sections in this dialog for the next time you create a new project.

Building the Survey 

Clicking "Build" will open your survey in the Survey Editor, where you can choose the building method you would like to use. The following options are available:

create a survey_000.png

Get Started

This option opens the Survey Elements menu, which contains all of the available default survey elements. To add an element to your survey, select the element and click "Insert":

create a survey_001.png

If you are looking for a specific element, you can use the search bar or navigation pane on the left of the menu to filter which elements are shown on the right.

Click here for more information on adding survey elements.

Browse Templates

This option opens the Templates Library within the Survey Elements menu, which contains all of the available default survey templates. To use a template, select it from the list and click "Add to Survey":

create a survey_002.png

Click here for more information on using survey templates.

Upload File

This option opens the Survey Importer, where you can upload a premade survey from an XML, XLS, or bconvert file. To upload a survey file, click "+ Choose a File" and then click "Continue":

create a survey_003.png

Click here for more information on the Survey Importer.