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Field Settings

The field settings section allows you to manage how your survey will function in field.

Accessing the Field Settings

The project settings/summary window allows you to quickly review and adjust the general settings for your survey, including the field settings.  It appears when you create and name a new survey but can also be accessed from the Survey Editor or portal.

To view the settings for your survey, first click "Project Settings" under "Build" in the project controls menu:


Then select "Field Settings" from the drop-down menu or click the blue "Field Settings" header:


Field Settings Overview

The field settings section allows you to manage how your survey will function in field. Each option includes a brief explanation in the menu. Additional details are included in the sections below.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click "save" to save any changes made to the field settings for this project. Click the arrow next to the save button to select "Save for this project" or if you'd like the field settings to be the default for future projects, select "Save and set as defaults."

Survey Browser Title

The name entered in this field appears at the top of the browser when respondents take the survey.

Enable Browser Back Button

When this option is checked, respondents will be able to use the "back" button on their browser to navigate back through the survey.

If the back button is enabled, you then have the option to add a "Back" button to the bottom of each page in the survey.

Note: It is recommended that you use the survey back button rather than your browser's back button to move backward through a survey.

Hide Progress Bar

The progress bar shows respondents how far along they are in the survey.

Check this option to hide the progress bar from respondents.

Show Question Numbers

Check this option to show question numbers sequentially in the survey to respondents.

Remember Respondent's Place

When checked, respondents can return to their place in the survey with the original survey link. They will also have the option to restart the survey.

A "key" can be used to require a unique variable in the URL, allowing them to go back to the survey from any machine or browser. Enter the variable in the "key" field. Multiple keys can be entered; separate each "key" with a comma. Key variables are case sensitive, view the survey project summary to ensure the "key" matches the variable in the survey URL.

Note: This feature is activated after the survey is set live.

Verify Unique Respondents

Select the level of detection for verification of unique respondents in order to eliminate duplicate submissions.

Level Description Requirements Expiration
No Checking Allows respondents to submit multiple responses, meaning they can retake the survey as many times as they want. None  
Cookie Only Respondent duplication prevention is based on cookies. Respondents using the same browser are not permitted to retake the survey. None Expires after 30 days
Advanced Detection Respondent duplication prevention is based on cookies as well as unique identifiers stored using the following methods:
  • HTML5:  A cookie that has a more modern storage method than old style cookies.
  • ETag:  A value stored within the browser cache, allowing cross-domain detection when surveys use a cname.
  • Flash:  A cookie stored inside Flash Local Storage.

These methods are considered safe with no chance of false positives.

Modern browser (e.g., IE9+, Firefox, Chrome)
Flash 9.0+ (released 2006)

Dependent upon method used:

  • HTML5: Never expires
  • Etag: Expires after 4 months
  • Flash: Never expires
Strict Detection Respondent duplication prevention is based on the browser digital fingerprint, which includes:
  • fonts on the user's system (retrieved via Flash object)
  • screen resolution and depth (e.g., 1920*1200 pixels, 32-bit color)
  • plugins on the system and their versions (e.g., Adobe Flash, Acrobat & Windows Media Player versions)
  • browser version

This is currently experimental and precision is not yet known.

Flash 9.0+ for font detection Never expires

Force Secure Links

When checked, respondents cannot change an https link to an http link and still take the survey.

Note: https links slow down the survey experience, which could increase drop-outs.

Allow Logged in Users to Submit Results

Normally users who are logged in to the system cannot submit data. When checked, logged-in users may submit data.

Note: If users are allowed to submit data, it may compromise results

Auto Recover Data

Respondents that manually drop out of the survey leave residual data (i.e., "partial data") that is stored separately than data collected for reporting use. When checked, this residual data is automatically recovered, making it available in the reporting applications.

Note: With autoRecover enabled, the [vdropout] Last seen question table is available for reports. To learn more about virtual questions, click here.

Collect IP Address

To comply with GDPR guidelines and other data privacy regulations, Decipher surveys with compat 139+ do not collect respondent IP addresses unless this box is checked. When checked, IP addresses are collected and made available within the survey's reports.

Note: Surveys with compat 138 or lower will collect respondent IP addresses by default. You can adjust your PII levels to hide IP addresses within lower compat surveys.

Host Survey From a Different Domain

If you have already set up a different domain (CNAME) with Decipher, enter it in the field and your survey links will take that domain into account.