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Question Settings

The question settings section allows you to apply global settings for each question type in your survey.

1:  Accessing the Question Settings

The project settings/summary window allows you to quickly review and adjust the general settings for your survey, including the question settings.  It appears when you create and name a new survey. The project summary can also be accessed within the stage, or in the research hub, by selecting "project summary" in the "Build" menu of the project controls.

Click on "Question Settings" to modify the settings for the project.

2:  Question Settings Overview

Select whether each question type is mandatory or optional by default, and edit the instructions that appear below the question text. The settings can be modified for individual questions later, within the survey builder. If your survey already has questions you may choose to apply the settings to them.

Click "Save" to save any changes made to the question settings for this project. Click on the arrow next to the save button to select "Save for this project" or if you'd like the question settings to be the default for future projects, select "Save and set as defaults."

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