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Saving and Importing Answer Options


The Element Library allows you to save and reuse answer options across multiple surveys in the Survey Editor. Using the Element Library, you can save and retrieve one or more answer options form any survey created within your company. You can also set permissions for your saved answers to share them with specific users or at the company level.

Saving Answer Options to the Library

To save a set of answer options to the Library, click into the answer actions menu for your question (i.e., "Row Actions", "Column Actions" or "Choice Actions"), and select "Save Answers to Library":


Then enter a name for your answer set, add tags to help others find your answers (optional), and select a sharing option:


Note: For multiple tags, press the Enter key after entering the text for each one.

Sharing specifies who may view and edit your answer set. By default, sharing is set to "Off". Click here for detailed information about sharing settings.

Assigning Answer ID's

You also have the option to change the unique element ID for your answer set that is used across the current server. This is particularly useful if you sometimes work in the XML editor and plan to reuse your answer set there. By default, a random ID is assigned to your answer set. If you want to use this ID or assign a new one, click "Advanced Settings" to expand the ID dialogue:


Once you are satisfied with your settings, click "Save" to save the answer set to the Library.

Note: Individual answers saved to the Library cannot be locked. Locking is available only when saving a full element to the Library.

Importing Answer Options From the Library

Once you have saved an answer set to the Library, it will be stored along with any other answer sets already available to your company and you can use it again at any time. To reuse saved answer options, first add a new survey element. Then click into the answer actions menu for your question (i.e., "Row Actions", "Column Actions" or "Choice Actions"), and select "Import Rows / Columns / Choices":


In the Element Library, locate and select your saved answer set. Then click "Add to Survey":


Note: The Element Library provides many ways to search for an answer set. Click here for a description of the features available for answers in the Element Library.

Tip: Saved answer options retain the labels they had when they were originally added to the Library. To edit the labels after adding answers to a survey, select the row, column or choice so the options appear in the right panel, and then enter a new label.