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Saving Answers to the Library

To save a set of answer options to the library, click the answer actions link (e.g., "Row Actions"), and select "Save Answers to Library".

Enter a name for the set of answers, and add tags (optional). For multiple tags, press the Enter key after adding each one.

Next setup sharing. Sharing specifies who may view and edit the answers.  By default, sharing is set to "Off." Click here for detailed information about the settings.

Advanced Setting for Answers

If you want to assign a different ID for these answers, click the "Advanced Settings" link, and the dialog expands.

The Element's ID is unique across the server.  You may specify a different one, if desired.  Then click "Save."

Note: Answers saved to the library may not be locked. That feature is available only when saving the complete element to the library.

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