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Deleting Survey Elements

When deleting survey elements, you should always first verify that they are not connected to any dependent elements or survey logic. If there are any questions or elements that are dependent upon the elements you are removing, you will need to update the logic for those items as well.

The Survey Editor displays limited warnings when you attempt to delete questions or answers which are referenced in element conditions such as "Show if" logic (cond) or "Answer Piping" (rowCondcolCond, and choiceCond).

Warnings are also shown when:

  • Deleting a standalone or parent element, such as a block or loop, which contains a question or answer that is referenced in element conditions
  • Deleting the only page break between elements that have dependent logic

Warnings are not shown when logic references are made:

  • Within quota cell logic (a quota.xls file)
  • Within an Autofill row
  • Within looped element labels

Additionally, the following actions do not trigger warnings:

  • Editing via "Edit all answers"
  • Deleting a reference used within a saved condition, where the saved condition is not also used
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