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Adding a Question or Element


You can add questions or elements to surveys at any time using the Decipher Survey Editor.

Adding the Question or Element

To add a new question or element to your survey, first determine where in the survey you would like your new element to appear. If your survey already contains questions, you may add elements before or after those elements in the element tree.

Note: Adding a new element automatically places it below any selected element.

Once you have chosen a place for your new element, click the "+ Element" button. The Survey Elements Menu appears, where you can view all of the questions and elements available to you.

Use the the menu's sidebar navigation options to locate the question or element you would like to add to your survey. Then select the question or element and click "Add".

Configuring the Question or Element

Once you have added the new question or element, you will need to configure its settings to fit your survey's needs. Follow the steps below to setup a new survey question or element in the Survey Editor.

Note: Setup varies for each question/element. Click here for detailed information about each question and element.

Tip:  The smart labels are based on the most recent label assigned to the question or answers. By default the labels are lowercase (e.g., r1), but if you enter R1, the next label will be R2. This is helpful for assigning screener questions (e.g., S1) or demographic questions (e.g., D1), and much more.

1. Enter the question text and instructions.

2. Click "New Row" or "New Column" (depending on the type of question) to add answers.

3. Style and format the question and answer text.

Learn more: Text Style & Formatting Options

4. Configure the question settings and actions.

Note: Question and answer configuration options vary by question type and setup, review the documentation for your question type for specific options.

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