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Removing Survey Elements

Deleting a Single Element

To remove an element in the survey editor, select the element in the question tree so it appears in the editor window. Then, click the 'x' located in the top left corner of the element:

The element and any surrounding page breaks will be deleted from your survey and no longer appear in the question tree.

Next, delete any extra page breaks by de-selecting the appropriate "Page Break" button:

To learn more about removing pages, click here.

Deleting Multiple Elements

To delete two or more elements from your survey, you can follow the steps above for each element, or you can use the question tree to delete multiple elements at once.

To select multiple elements in the question tree hold down the control key, or command for Mac, and click on the elements in the question tree you wish to remove. Each element you select will be highlighted in the question tree and a menu will appear at the top of the window. Then select "Delete" from the menu and the highlighted questions will be removed from your survey:

Next, delete any extra page breaks. Click on the "Page Break" button to remove it.

To learn more about removing pages, click here.

Additional Considerations

The Survey Editor displays limited warnings when you attempt to delete questions or answers which are referenced in element conditions such as "Show if" logic (cond) or "Answer Piping" (rowCond, colCond, and choiceCond). Warnings are also shown when you delete a parent element, such as a block or loop, which contains a question or answer referenced in element conditions.

Learn more:  Deletion Guardrails

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