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Adding and Managing Images



It is possible to add one or more images to a survey using the Image Manager available within the Survey Editor.

1: Select Where the Image will Go

To insert an image, click in the position where you want to place the image (i.e., question field, or row or column field). Then click on the image icon.

Note: Images cannot be used in dropdown/select type answers.

2: Image Manager

The image manager contains images that have been added for the project and allows you to upload new images and manage settings.

2.1: Upload an Image

To upload a new image, first click on "Open Image Manager" or click on the "+" icon.

Click "Upload Images" and locate the image on your computer. Alternatively, simply drag the image into the designated field.

All images should be in jpeg, png or gif format and no larger than 2MB.

Upload multiple images at once by using your keyboard to ctrl+click the desired images during upload.

Uploading an image changes its original file size and creates multiple copies of different sizes for ease of use. It will also convert that image to .png format.

2.2: Image Settings

Once an image has been uploaded, a preview is shown in the image manager with the file name below. Next, configure the image settings within the image manager.

  • Image Title:  Add an image title, which is displayed when a respondent hovers-over the image or may be read if a respondent uses a screen reader. The title is also used in the report, if none is entered the original file name is used.
  • Protect: When checked, the shield icon   indicates that the image is protected. Images marked as protected receive the following (learn more):
    • Simple Copy Protection: places a blank image on top of the protected image so you cannot right-click on the image and select "Save Image as."
    • Link Obfuscation: replaces the link in the page source with an obfuscated version, making it difficult to steal the direct link to the image via "View Page Source."
    • Watermarking: This option does not make the image harder to copy, rather, it makes the source of the image more obvious if the image is copied. It can also be set up to trace the copied image to a particular person.
      • Click here to learn how to edit the watermark (requires XML).
  • Watermark Settings:  The watermark settings are available for protected images, click on the icon   to access the settings. This watermark contains the respondent's unique ID.
    • Color:  Select a color or enter the color code
    • Placement:  Select the location of the watermark (i.e., bottom, top, center or repeat)
    • Transparency:  Edit the transparency of the watermark
    • Size:  Set the size of the watermark (i.e., scale, small, medium or large)
    • Update default settings on new and existing images in this project:  When checked, this saves the settings as the default for future protected images, as well as existing protected images that have been left to default settings in the project.
    • Apply: Click to apply the settings

Once images have been uploaded and settings applied, click "Done."

3: Select, Resize & Insert an Image

Select one or more images by clicking on them. Then choose a size restriction from the dropdown menu:

  • Small: 150 pixels maximum size on any side
  • Medium: 300 pixels maximum size on any side
  • Large: 600 pixels maximum size on any side
  • Extra Large: 900 pixels maximum size on any side
  • Original Size
  • Custom: Specify a custom maximum width and height in pixels

A shield icon indicates that an image is protected

Once selected, click "Insert Image."

If multiple images are added at once, they retain the order from the image manager. The order may then be changed within the answer option editor.

4: Delete an Image

To delete an image, click on the image icon   in the rich text editor, then select "Open Image Manager." Click on the X to delete the image.

Click "Done" to close the image manager.