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Changing Question Types and Styles


The Survey Editor allows you to change the question type or style for an existing survey element while maintaining any previously saved content and customizations.

Changing Question Types

To change the question type for an existing question, first click the '...' button at the top right of the element and select "Change Question Type" from the menu:


Then select the new question type and click "Select":


Once selected, the new question type is applied and will overwrite the existing question type.

The following rules apply when changing question types:

  • Questions with no customization (text / answers / attributes) are replaced with the selected questions.
  • Customized title or instruction text is preserved.
  • Customized attributes are preserved, if valid. There are a few exceptions for attributes which convert answer options (e.g., rowShuffle or average="cols").
  • Customized style variables are preserved for Dynamic Questions which switch between different base question types.
  • Customized answer attributes are preserved, if valid.

Additionally, some answers may be added, removed, or converted depending on the question's default type.


  • If you change a single-select question to a single-select grid question, the rows are preserved and default columns are added.
  • If you convert a regular question to a Dynamic Question which doesn't allow rows, the rows are removed.  
  • If you convert a single-select question to a select question, the rows or columns are converted to choices.

Changing Question Styles

To change style options for an existing question, first click the '...' button at the top right of the element and select "Update Styling" from the switching menu:


Then adjust your question style settings as desired. Once you are satisfied with the new styling, click "Save and Preview" or "Save and Close" to apply the changes:


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