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Overview of the Survey Elements Menu

The Survey Elements Menu located inside of the Survey Editor contains all of the survey question types and elements available to your Decipher account. Below you will find an overview of the Survey Elements Menu, along with a short description of each of its primary features.


1. Show Elements:  Select a category of questions or elements to display in the menu.

  • Show All Elements:  Shows all elements, including ones that are incompatible with your Project Settings

  • Only Show Compatible Elements:  Only shows elements compatible with your Project Settings

  • Only Show Optimized Elements:  Only shows elements that are specifically optimized for respondents based on your Project Settings. These are adapted beyond just being compatible.

2. Search:  Enter an element name or associated keywords to search for it in the menu.

3. Elements:  Displays each of the available elements that match the selected type or search terms.

4. Element Types:  Displays all of the available question and element types. Choose from any of the following to sort elements:

  • Favorites:  Questions marked as favorites (i.e., starred)

  • Question Types

    • Single and Multi Select

    • Open End

    • Rate, Rank, and Sort

    • Stimulus

    • Respondent Upload

    • Advanced

  • Logic Elements

  • Structural Elements

  • Custom

  • Library

  • Panel Datapoints:  Datapoint elements available when using a Kinesis sample source.

Note: The "Panel Datapoints" category is only visible if your company has enabled a Kinesis Panel integration and will appear greyed out if your survey does not contain at least one Kinesis sample source.

5. Element Details:  Provides a description of the selected question or element with an example.

  • Learn more:  Click to jump to the knowledge base documentation

  • Demo:  Click to view a demo of the selected element (if available)

  • Star:  Click on the star to mark as favorite

6. Add:  Adds the selected question or element to the survey.

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