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Creating and Using Survey Templates


In addition to using the default Decipher template surveys, users have the ability to create their own templates for use in the future.

1: Creating a Template Survey

To begin, program a survey to meet the specifications of your template. If you're new to survey creation, click here to learn more about programming surveys using the Survey Editor.

1.1: Save All Elements to the Library

Once your template survey is programmed, you can add it as a template by saving all questions and elements to the Element Library.

First, select all of your survey elements by holding the “crtl” or “shift” keys and clicking each element in the Question Tree:

With multiple elements selected, the “Save Template to Library” button becomes available, as shown below:

Clicking “Save Template to Library” will open a new window for you to provide a name for the template, as well as to add any tags to help keep the Element Library searchable and organized:

Learn More: Saving to the Element Library

1.2: Set Sharing Settings

When saving an element or an answer set to the library, you can specify how this element is shared. Users can add elements they can view to a survey. By default, sharing is set to "Off."

To specify sharing select:  


Shared With


Off No one View: Only you
Edit: Only you
Users Specific users specified by their email address View: You and specified users
Edit: You and specified users
Company All users in your company View: You and all users in your company
Edit: Only you
Global (staff only),
if available
All users on the server View: You and all users on the server
Edit: Only you

In the example below, “Company” is selected and the template will be available for viewing and use by the entire company:

Learn More: Saving to the Element Library: Sharing

2: Starting a Project with a Template Survey

When creating a new project, users have the option to start with a template survey to begin a new project with one of the default Decipher survey templates or any custom survey templates saved to the Element Library.

2.1: Create a New Project

To begin, create a new project by clicking the “+ New Project” button:

Provide a project name, type, and language. Then click "Build":

Learn More: Starting a New Project

2.2: Select a Template

Creating a new project will open it within the staging area. From here, select "Browse Templates" to view available templates within the Element Library:

In the "Templates" tab of the library, select the desired survey template and click “Add to Survey” to insert the template into the new project:

2.3: Edit the Template

Once the template is added to the survey, modifications can be made to the template as with any survey. Changes to the text, skip patterns, quotas and more can be adjusted to meet the needs of the current project.