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Employee Satisfaction Survey Template


The Employee Satisfaction survey allows researchers to gather feedback from employees about their experiences in the workplace, including what areas are working and what needs to change. The purpose is to understand what motivates employees to do their best work and then to measure those engagement levels among staff.

1: Template Design

The Employee Satisfaction survey template includes the following sections:

  • Overall experience measures
  • Work Attribute ratings
  • Demographics
  • Open End

2: Template Parameters

The Employee Satisfaction template is set up with the following parameters. Each of these may be customized according to the needs of your project.

2.1:  Company Name

Replace “Acme Company” with the appropriate company name for your project:

The “Acme Company” placeholder text can be found in the following locations in the template:

  • intro: introduction text
  • Q1: question text
  • Q3: r3, r4, and r6 row text
  • Q4: question text
  • Q5: question text
  • Q6: question text
  • Q22: question text
  • Q24: question text

2.2:  Office Locations

Replace the default office locations in Q21 with the appropriate locations for your company. Remove this question if your company has only one office:

2.3:  Job Functions/Departments

Replace the job functions/departments text in the rows of Q22 with appropriate job functions/departments within your company: