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Customer Satisfaction Survey Template


The Customer Satisfaction template allows researchers to measure and receive feedback on the customer experience. This template can help a business determine the primary drivers of customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction and where improvement can occur.

1: Template Design

The Customer Satisfaction template includes the following sections:

  • Overall customer experience / loyalty measures
  • Brand attribute ratings
  • Brand usage
  • Demographics

2:  Template Parameters

The  Customer Satisfaction template is set up with the following parameters. Each of these may be customized according to the needs of your project.

2.1:  Company Name

Replace "Acme Company" with the appropriate company name for your survey:

The "Acme Company" placeholder text can be found in the following locations in the template:

  • intro: introduction text
  • Q1: question text
  • Q3: question text
  • Q4: question text
  • Q6: question text
  • Q7: question text
  • Q8: r6 row text
  • Q9: question text
  • Q11: question text

2.2:  Attribute List

Replace the default attribute list in the rows of Q5 with the appropriate attributes for your company:

2.3:  Service List

Replace the default service list in the rows of Q8 with the appropriate services for your company:

2.4:  Problem List

Replace the default problem list in the rows of Q10 with the appropriate problems for your company: