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Using Tasks to Provide Feedback


When testing a survey, it is important to review the question settings and attributes. These include row/column shuffling, making questions optional or mandatory, setting a minimum or maximum number of required answers, etc. To view a complete list of question attributes and settings, click here. If you want to make a change to any of these settings for a question, you can use the "Tasks" feature in the survey testing toolbar.

1: Viewing Survey Tasks

The Tasks feature in the survey testing toolbar allows you to provide feedback and track the status of all open tasks. An overview of this feature is provided below.


1. Tasks button: When clicked the tasks button will expand or minimize the feature. The color of the icon indicates the status of the tasks for the question you are viewing, and the numbers indicate how many unresolved and open tasks there are in the survey. 
2. Question drop-down: This drop-down allows you to select and skip to a question to view or add tasks.
3. Toggle arrows: The arrow on the left will take you to the previous question, and the arrow on the right will take you to the next question in the survey.
4. Print: Click this icon to "print all" tasks, or "print outstanding" tasks.
5. Add task: Click to add a new task for the question you are viewing.
6. Status / task: The status of a task is identified by a red or green square. A red square indicates the task is unresolved and green indicates the is resolved and ready for testing. It shows who added each comment, the task/comment and the date and time it was added.
7. Add comment: Click the "+" icon to add a comment to an existing task. Click "comment" to minimize or expand the comments about the task.


  • When the task feature is open you can resize the sections by clicking the top of the toolbar and sliding it up or down.
  • The task feature shows the tasks for the question you are viewing. Turn the one page feature "on" to view all the questions and tasks in one window.

1.1: Task Status

Additionally, the Tasks button displays the status of any pending survey tasks.

The count on the left indicates the number of new and/or unresolved tasks in the survey. The count on the right indicates the number of resolved/open tasks that have not been closed in the survey.

The color indicates the status of the tasks in the question you are viewing if the task feature is closed.

tasks_001.png A green icon with no count indicates that all tasks in the survey have been resolved and closed.
tasks_002.png A red icon indicates that the question you are viewing has an unresolved task.
tasks_003.png A green icon indicates that the question you are viewing has resolved task that has not been closed.
tasks_0034.png A grey icon indicates that the question you are viewing does not have any open tasks.

2: Adding a Task

Click the "Tasks" button to expand the feature. Then, confirm the appropriate question is selected in the dropdown menu and click "+add task" to add a new task for a question:

Enter your feedback in the window that appears, being as specific as possible. Then select "save task":

The new task will appear with a red box next to it, indicating that it is a new/unresolved task. The task will note who opened it, provide the description and the time/date when the task was added:

3: Processing Tasks

When a member of our staff addresses a task (e.g., corrects the error or makes the change), we will click on the red box next to the task for the question. We will then enter a comment and click "resolve task":

This will "check off" the task and the box will become green, indicating that the task has been resolved and is ready for testing:

4: Reviewing Completed Tasks

After the task has been tested, click on the green box next to the task and select "reactivate" if the task was not implemented correctly, or "close" if the task was completed as expected:

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