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Editing Text in the Test Environment


The "Edit" feature in the survey testing toolbar allows you to edit and modify the survey text.

1: Accessing the Text Menu

Review each question and carefully check for text errors. When you locate text that you'd like to change in a question, click on the "Edit" button to expand the feature and the question text will appear, allowing you to directly edit the text:

When the edit feature is open you can resize the sections by clicking on the top of the toolbar and sliding it up or down.

2: Changing Question Text

You have the option to change the font or size, modify the text or change the color. You may also edit the text using the HTML Source Editor. Click on the arrows to undo/redo changes:

Once the text changes are complete, click "save" to save all of the changes from the current text box, or "save all" to save changes from all text boxes in the editor:

Once saved, your text edit will automatically be updated in the survey. If you attempt to close the editor with unsaved changes, the warning message shown below will appear. Click "Cancel" to return to the editor where you can save your changes, or click "OK" to close the editor without saving the changes.


2.1: Changing the Text for Multiple Questions

If you'd like to edit a lot of questions in the survey, turn on the "One Page" feature and all the survey questions will appear in the editor:

Then use the drop-down menu to jump to and edit a specific question:

Changes made to a question can be saved by selecting the corresponding "save" button. Note that saving changes for one question does not save changes made to any other question. Clicking "cancel" will also only cancel changes made for the one question. To save all the changes made to questions that are open in the editor, click the "save all" button.

2.2: Changing Text for Multiple Languages

You also have the ability to change the text for multiple languages in the testing environment. Start by selecting the language you would like to edit from the "Actions" menu:

The page will automatically refresh, displaying the current survey page in the selected language. Use the text editor to make any desired changes, then click "save" or "save all":

If you'd prefer to make changes directly to the survey translation file, select "Manage Translations" from the "Actions" menu to access the Language Manager:

Click here to learn more about editing translations using the Language Manager.

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