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About QA Codes


QA codes identify logic conditions, attributes and question labels for each question in a survey. They make it easier to confirm that the correct conditions are included in a question. The QA codes are not shown to respondents and by default they are "off" in the survey testing toolbar and the Report.

To view the QA codes in your survey, move the QA codes switch to "on". If you would like to have random answers populated for you, simply select the "answer for me" button at the bottom of the question when the QA codes are turned on. This feature is especially useful and time saving for grid questions with multiple questions and answer options.

Available QA Codes

The tables below provide descriptions for the QA codes (i.e., survey codes) you see in the survey and report when QA codes are turned on.

Survey Attributes  

Code Attribute Description
xVars:x extraVariables Extra variables passed in the URL: x
unique:x unique List unique variable is x
allowDupe allowDupe Duplicate submissions are allowed (CATI only)
autosave autosave Partial submissions remembered if user returns
state:x state Survey state is x
SQL sql SQL survey, data stored in DB server
project:x project Project name in WIKI is x
LIS loggedInCanSubmit Logged in users can submit data to this survey

Question Types  

Code Type Description
RAD radio Single select
CHE checkbox Multi-select/checkbox
SEL select Select (drop-down)
NUM number Number open-end
TEX text/textarea Text or Textbox open-end
FLO float Float open-end

Question Attributes  

Code Attribute Description
RATE type="rating" Rating scale type that has nets auto-created
REV ratingDirection="reverse" Rating question with ratings in reverse order
V virtual Virtual question not shown to respondents
OPT optional Optional question
ATL:x atleast At least x choices need to be selected
ATM:x atmost At most x can be selected
EX:x exactly Exactly x choices can be selected
IGN:x ignoreValues Values x are ignored in report
AMT:x amount Responses must add up to x
MRA:x minRanks Ranking question, at least x selection
UNI:x unique One unique choice for each x must be
POINTS:x points x points available in each cell
R(x) range Acceptable responses include x
VRF:x verify Verify input using formula x
SHF(r,c,ch) shuffle Shuffle by rows/columns/or choices. If you see SHF(r):q1 it means rows shuffled with order from q1
STYLE style Custom style is used
VALIDATE validateRow/Col/Choice Custom code runs to validate what user entered
EXEC exec Custom code runs before question is shown
COND cond Question condition x

Answer Attributes  

Code Attribute Description
OPT optional Optional cell
OPToe openOptional Open-ended entry optional
EXC exclusive Exclusive Response
SHF randomize="0" Cell not shuffled
COND cond Condition x
strikethrough if disabled
TERM if some <term> tag triggers off it
value in bold and [square brackets]
label in [square brackets]
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